The Top 4 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Turn a Business Around


It may be hard to imagine that, years ago, people primarily used direct mail (a.k.a. snail mail) and landlines to communicate with their loved ones in far-away places. With technological innovation, particularly the arrival of social media, all that has changed.

Nowadays, people can easily communicate through social media without even paying anything. And they can also use it to be updated when it comes to the latest news, trends, and entertainment. That said, social media has also found its way into the radar of businesses, primarily as an effective form of digital marketing.

Truth be told, with all its key benefits (and when done right) social media can even be used to turn an ailing business around. Need more convincing? Then, let’s take a look at the advantages social media marketing can bring to the table below.

1. Improved Brand Awareness

Since an estimated 3.196 billion people are on social media, one of the most obvious benefits that businesses would get is that more people would be aware of their brand and what they can provide. This is especially important for start-ups, which really need to gain a foothold and establish themselves in the market.For more info check SEO Company London.

Every time your followers share your posts, like or re-tweet your page, or comment on your content—may it be an internal blog or a simple image—there’s a good chance that more people will know about your brand. As such, if your business is struggling in terms of building brand awareness, social media offers a viable way to remedy the situation.

2. The Magic of Engagement and Positive Feedback

Social media was invented with communication, collaboration, and engagement in mind. It’s important to remember this when thinking of your social media audience. You will actually have a better brand reputation and impression if you’re able to consistently and properly interact with your followers and be responsive.

Doing simple things such as answering customer queries and replying to their messages will do wonders when it comes to improving your brand’s reputation, at least on social media.

This, in turn, could result into your followers suggesting your brand to more people, spreading the word about your products or services through positive feedback.

They could also promote your page through sharing or re-tweeting your posts or by writing a nice review on your page, which further solidifies the idea that your brand is to be trusted. All these just from regular social media engagement? Certainly possible!

3. It’s Basically Free Advertising

Don’t have enough budget to advertise your products and services? Well, social media can help you with that as well. Unlike traditional advertising, posting content, from blogs to simple branded images, on your page can already be a form of advertising as each post can be seen by your followers.

It is also advisable to put links to your website on content that you post on your social media accounts as this can lead to more traffic. As long as what you post is compelling, interesting, or can drum up engagement, there’s a chance that more people will see it, increasing awareness of your products and services further—without you having to spend a single cent.

However, if you want to take things up a notch, social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have flexible, cost-efficient ads services you can use to reach an even wider audience.

4. Gain More Leads and Conversions Through Website Traffic

Your website and social media pages should go hand in hand when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. Aside from organic visits, you can use social media to direct traffic to your website, increasing your number of unique and total visits. And, with this increase in traffic, you also have a better likelihood of gaining more leads and conversions because more and more people are now viewing your products and services. For SEO Services London visit oprst

Here are a few useful tips to help direct more traffic from social media to your website:

A. Make sure that your site’s URL is in your social media’s info/profile page

B. Share and promote your website’s blog posts and other internal content

C. Include CTAs (call-to-action) that link to your website on applicable posts

Although we can’t assure that you would get instant success, being consistent in applying these tips and finding new ways to gain more website traffic via social media will net you results in due time.

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