Benefits Of Call Routing And Call Forwarding


One of the most common advanced call routing techniques is time of day routing, which allows you to send calls to different numbers or locations based on the time of day that the call is received. For example, you may choose to create a time of day routing rule that sends all calls to your main office phone number from 8 AM to 5 PM. Then, you may have another rule that sends incoming calls to an outsourced support service that handles your calls outside of normal business hours. This ensures that your business never misses a customer call. 

Being available at all times is a must for any business owner if they want to guarantee customer satisfaction. This is why it is highly beneficial to have a call forwarding feature implemented into a cloud phone system, because this way callers can reach you no matter where you are. “Wait, wasn’t that supposed to be call routing?” you may ask. And your confusion would be totally understandable; indeed, call forwarding and call routing are eerily similar to each other, since they are both intended for connecting the caller to the next available person.However, as much as call forwarding and call routing are confused for one another, there are some slight yet important differences between the two.

Call Forwarding

Also known as follow-me find-me, call forwarding is a set of commands that ensures calls are automatically forwarded to another number or numbers should the initial line be busy or unavailable, such as if your main business phone number is engaged or out of hours.In simpler words, when the phone numbers you have provided to the cloud phone system are called, they will all start ringing simultaneously or sequentially based on the call order settings determined earlier. But if the caller is unable to reach you, the system acts according to your command and the call is either directed to voicemail or is disconnected.

The benefits of call forwarding – aside from being available for anyone connected to your phone system – is that no matter where you are, your clients can reach you during business hours regardless of your availability without even noticing that their calls have been forwarded to another phone number. With call forwarding one phone line is more than enough to keep your business running, since calls can be automatically forwarded to your employees’ cell phones until one of them is connected to the caller.Call forwarding eliminates geographical problems, too: your office can even be in a different state, since with properly programmed call forwarding added into the mix a local number can automatically push calls to your main line. And we haven’t even mentioned that call forwarding is a true lifesaver in cases where the system is down for whatever reason, as the system will continue looking for an answer even if the main number is temporarily disconnected.

Call Routing

Call routing is higher in the ‘hierarchy’ because, unlike call forwarding where the caller is usually put on hold till the right person is reached, call routing is a feature that connects a call to the correct end point immediately or navigates the caller to the right person or extension based on different criteria determined by the phone system’s administrator.With these criteria even the simplest thing can be set up, like what should happen to incoming calls during and after business hours or during holidays. However, thanks to the fully programmable dial paths (better known as answering rules) the system’s admin can create a more complex set of instructions. For instance the system can connect calls directly to you, forward a call to a colleague or switch to voicemail according to individual caller IDs entered into the system’s memory. But there is more: call routing can be programmed in such a way that callers could direct themselves to the right extension via dial commands following the instructions of an auto-attendant.

5 Advantages of Having a Intelligent Call Routing


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Many types of routing rules can be applied to what bests suit dynamic intelligent call routing the needs of a business. If your organisation has staggered shifts or teams that work in different time zones, time-based routing will direct the incoming calls to the contact centers or agents that are flagged as available for that particular day and time. It can also be adjusted for holidays and other occasions where one team or group may not be working a standard schedule.Geographic routing will take calls and forward to a destination based on the area code of the caller. Automatic Number Identification (ANI) identifies the inbound phone number and uses the set of rules established to send the caller to an agent that is nearest to them. 

If your business is suffering because you are unable to answer your customer’s calls in a timely manner or keeping clients linked to your business, then it may be crucial for you to manage your call routing practices. Currently, there is a variety of call routing software available. With an efficient call routing strategy, you can increase your first contact resolution and thus, create a wonderful customer experience. With the use of an intelligent call routing software, you can identify the caller and then direct them to the respective agent who had helped them previously. To do that, call routing softwares use anarray of information such as Automatic Number Identification (ANI), and other details provided by the caller. One more significant feature of an intelligent call routing software is the automatic call distribution system that deals with first-time callers. Another important feature of this system is phone hour settings that determine what should occur when customers call during nights, weekends, holidays, or non-operating hours. The phone hour settings may include voicemail, call forwarding option, schedule a call option, or automatic hang-up. Calls may also be recorded with a call routing software.

Intelligent Call routing software is a vital component of your business and can be extremely advantageous. Here are the top 5 advantages of intelligent call routing:


With intelligent call routing, your business gets the ability to ensure that customers have the opportunity to speak with a live agent 24 hours a day 365 days a year. This system has been constructed to give access to real-time information about present enterprise situations so that the appropriate support resources are matched with the needs of your customer when he or she calls. Not only are your customers happy about getting their queries resolved, but this system also provides a competitive advantage to your business in delivering resourceful, personalized, and compelling information, in an extremely efficient way.


Intelligent call routing software is extremely scalable. It can scale up or down based on your unique business requirements. Businesses can choose from any of the deployment models that can incorporate legacy systems, automatic call distribution, and time division multiplexing IVR systems to allow easy migration and expansion of your call center as per your business needs. This immense scalability grants your business growth at its own pace.


Intelligent call routing eliminates the undue complexities of pre-route and computer telephony integration to develop a solution for routing manifold ACDs, including a multi-vendor platform. By synchronizing the right resources, your callers are directed with the desired outcome with concurrent status matching.

Effective Human Resource Management

With intelligent call routing, your workforce is optimized by utilizing every agent as proficiently as possible. The calls always get routed to an available advisor leading to reduced lost calls and a greater customer experience. By application of modern customer analytics, you can improvise call treatment and routing assessments.


Intelligent call routing can optimize operational costs by ensuring that calls are always routed appropriately rather than being lost or sent to voicemail. This eradicates the revenue losses that occur due to lost calls. Call routing based on skill set can also help capitalize on conversion rates by providing a better customer experience to inbound callers.

Intelligent call routing software offers businesses the capacity to make sure that their clients get to speak with a live agent 24 hours a day throughout the year. In certain industries such as banking and finance, selling or offering services around the clock can result in enormous revenue growth that would have otherwise been impossible.